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The captain's diseasedQuiet Loner will release a free download single on April 01. An April Fools Day song about the fools running our country.

‘The Captain’s Diseased’ is the second single to be taken from Quiet Loner’s new album of contemporary protest songs ‘Greedy Magicians’. Picking up on the oft- heard mantra that ‘we’re all in the same boat’, this rollicking sea shanty casts David Cameron as a deranged and syphilitic sea captain. The captain decides the sick and frail aren’t working hard enough and casts them overboard. The allegory isn’t subtle, at a time when the coalition is cutting billions from the benefits of disabled people and carers. Despite the serious subject, it pokes fun in the long tradition of satire, with its boozy accordion and cries of “he’s syphilitic and riddled with fleas”. Nevertheless it makes a powerful point.

The single will be accompanied by an out-take from the Greedy Magicians recording, not released before.  

Live dates

This will be followed by a short UK tour in April taking in Liverpool, Sheffield and Glossop. Then Quiet Loner’s first ever visit to The Netherlands opening for Kirsty McGee. APril also sees a couple of exclusive appearances in Manchester – one for the Northern Vegan Fair aftershow party and another for Tony Walsh’s book launch at Manchester Library.

In May Quiet Loner will be performing a special one-off show at Manchester’s People’s History Museum. ‘How to make a protest record (in five easy steps)’ will look back at the recording of Greedy Magicians and talk about the motivations and inspirations behind the album. Details are on the People’s History Museum website  

Greedy Magicians video
There are now a selection of videos for tracks from Greedy Magicians. Many feature footage of the live recording.


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